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Team Support


It’s that time of year again. That time when colleagues  guised as “secret santas” exchange holiday gifts.

My mystery Santa delivered a fashionably packaged Lululemon gift card. Sweet.

I got online for some pre-shopping shopping. Tops, bottoms, underwear, aha!  sport bras. Santa knew exactly what was on my list!

I automatically scrolled alllll the way down to view the small selection of full support compression bandages always found at the bottom of the page. Save the worst for last. Not quite satisfied with the full support selection, I began looking at other styles.

I was sighfully browsing the vast middle class of bras when it hit me. My girls are not the same size nor shape they once were. The ample bosom I grew and loved is no more. Now instead of mourning the loss, I found a way to celebrate the gain. It’s a whole new bra shopping ball game!  There’s a world of attractive  medium support racerbacks out there for me to discover!

Another lesson in getting comfortable wide strap, flat seamed, Power Luxtreme comfortable with my post nursing mommy body.

Thank you Secret Santa



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