Runners, On Your Mark, Get Set…Wean!

In life, and more so in parenting, I never know what each day will bring. Will it be peas or peanut butter? Googling toddler coughs or constipation? The events and challenges of the day are not always predictable. And here are two events I never saw coming. I weaned the babe and ran at the Toronto Marathon!

To be clear,  I actually ran the 5K race at the Toronto Marathon. Unlike weaning, which has been on my agenda since day one, racing really wasn’t on my radar. But after just a few weeks of training with my run coach, I caught the race bug. We made a friendly bet, I entered the race and on May 15th, there I was!

This 5K was kind of a big deal to me, being my first post-baby event.  I trained by day and tweeted by night, sharing details of my preparation. You do follow @SupaFitMama, right? Then just days before the race, with my focus firmly fixed on the run, another big event occurred. I got my 19-month-old to bed and through the night without nursing!

I’d been waiting for this day for months! I should have been over the moon. Instead, after two days without breastfeeding, I was painfully engorged, near tears and fearing my run because of it. Lesson learned. Do not attempt weaning days before race. That rule is right up there with not eating eggs before a race – another lesson I learned the hard way.

If you know me, you know nothing would prevent me from running. Two pumps, two Advils, two bras and I was good to go! I clocked in at 32.07.2 – my second best time ever. I’m not a very fast runner but I’m working on it. And even more exciting,  the babe hasn’t been on the boob since.

As I said, I couldn’t have predicted any of this. My daughter gave up breastfeeding as ubruptly as I started running again. And as for what’s next, I have no idea.  I can say I feel that I’ve gotten a huge part of myself back. It felt absolutely wonderful to get out there, challenge myself and be part of the running community.  It’s also liberating knowing the girls won’t be working the Dairy Queen this summer! I sense that as one major chapter has ended another is slowly unfolding. I’m ready.


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  1. Amazing, Debbie! I can’t wait to hear what’s next 🙂

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