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Spiritual Awakening & Out of Body Experience

It was an “enlightening” weekend to say the least.

Sunday: I attended my godson’s christening at Revival Time Tabernacle (read: Black Church). It was the first time in months that I found myself at a Caribbean affair – you know with West Indians it’s always an affair. I was surrounded by love, music, scripture …and a lot of overweight women.

I would easily estimate that 80% of the congregation were overweight.  On one hand, this was upsetting; so many black girls and women neglecting their fitness and health. But given more thought, it was also eye-opening. I don’t doubt that most of those women considered me,  at 149lbs and 16% body fat,  too skinny. The lean muscle mass and body fat percentage that I strive for are not norms in my Caribbean community. Being surrounded daily by fitness experts and enthusiasts has perhaps skewed my perception. Perhaps.

Later Sunday: I barely made it through the Calypso-inspired worship before succumbing to the chills and nausea of stomach flu. Within 24 hours my body violently released all food, water and will to survive. During the 36 hours that followed, I was deathly afraid to consume anything but toast and ginger ale.

Monday: By the end of the 2-day episode, I was weak, tired…and very lean! I essentially experienced the results of “a cleanse”. Though I wouldn’t be bottling this one up to sell it. Without all the usual carbs and sugars bloating my body, I was looking very lean and fit – even in the troublesome mid-section. I was genuinely pleased with my 18-month post pregnancy body! Hallelujah!

So the big revelation or reawakening – whatever you want to call it – is this. I have achieved my post-pregnancy goal. I have a healthy, strong,  muscular, thick black body. Let me say that again people. I have a healthy, strong,  muscular, thick black body. I have yet to get back down to 140lbs, but my body looks and feels great exactly where it is. With nutritional changes, I can eliminate the chronic bloating and enjoy the lean look I acheived this weekend without the obvious pains. So you can hereby forget all those weight and measurement goals I set way back when. My next goals are all fitness and event-focussed. My first challenge: run 5K in 31 minutes or less. Oh, and I’m sure to be dabbling in some  non-viral detox or cleansing experiments. Stay tuned. Recommendations welcome.


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