Up For the Challenge

Each week at work, our trainers create an athletic challenge. Throughout the week our clients participate in the challenge and the results are posted for all to see.

After weeks of scoping out the results board, I finally decided to partake in the challenges myself. Let’s say I joined in to demonstrate my “team attitude”. That’s right, it has nothing to do with my need to dominate and display my athleticism for all to see!

This week’s challenge is a series of dry-land hockey drills – skating lunges, stick handling and lateral jumps.

So yeah, I kicked butt leading the women’s side of board. But almost more importantly than being the best, I learned a couple things. Or more accurately, I was reminded of a couple things. #1 – I am not only strong but have above-average athletic skills. #2 – It’s really important to mix up your routine with new moves now and then. I did a whole workout routine pretty much unphased then got my glutes smoked with that 45 second skate lunge challenge.

So my message to you is this. You may be older, slower, heavier, and/or rounder than you once were, but don’t doubt your innate abilities. If you loved cross-country running in junior high, you may just have a marathon in you. Or if you were a decent volleyball player in high school, why not trade a gym workout for a regular weekly rec game?

Challenge your body to new (or old) moves, and you’ll see and feel the benefits. New stimuli can help to overcome plateaus and also keep things interesting. No need for another humdrum 30 minutes on the elliptical. Get out there and test yourself, if you’re up for the challenge!


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