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I’m baaaack: A long overdue update

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve composed anything at this computer. My last entry was written at nine months postpartum. I am now exactly, eleven months post birth. Double wow! Since my last post I moved, threw an anniversary party, reconnected with my competition coach,  interviewed for new jobs, started a new job, and oh, lost a bunch of weight!

July and August are already forgotten. I have only blurred memories of lugging belongings up to our new apartment, online dress shopping and assuming an enthused look before prospective employers.

In late August, I accepted a nearly ‘perfect-on-paper’ admin position at a boutique fitness studio. Oh how it has changed my life!

I now spend five days a week interacting with clients, juggling personal training schedules and managing client billing. Being back in the work world has meant dusting off the left side of my brain. Or is it the right? Whichever. It’s the side that’s not concerned with purees and diaper changes. This I love.

Working in a gym has obvious advantages for me. I am immersed in a ‘fit’ environment with equipment and knowledge abound. Moreover I am actually encouraged to workout in my down time. What’s that boss? Create a program for me. Did you even have to ask? So of course I’ve been running and working out during my lunch hours. This I also love.

Clean eating is remarkably easier in the gym setting too. I don’t dare bring the waft of pizza or fries into the staff room. There are no “cake in the boardroom” emails. Even those 3 o’clock cravings aren’t a problem. I just buy a staff discounted protein bar. Sweet. My diet is the healthiest it’s been in over a year. What’s not to love about that.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I’m only 10-12lbs off my pre-prego weight (while still nursing). I’m fitting into many of my old clothes again. And guess what jeans I’m wearing?! That’s right – my beloved much talked about favourite pair of Twiggys. Funny enough, I’m not so in love with them anymore. Time for a brand new pair of  “I’m back” jeans I say.

But don’t get it twisted people. It’s not all roses. Working full time while raising a baby is HARD! Every moment of every day is spoken for. I am constantly juggling work duties, childrearing responsibilities, personal matters and household chores. Damn those chores. My energy is totally taxed. Hubby and I are feeling the stress. I only hope that in time, we get used to the routine so I can stop soothing myself with chocolate and rootbeer.

How are/did you find the return to work after baby?


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