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Onward & Downward: Fitness Assessment #3

Back in July I had my quarterly fitness assessment. I was so happy to see progress. I am moving onward and downward! It provided real motivation to stay on track. It was also a good reminder that weight loss is a process. Results happen when you work consistently over time. The numbers move slowly but the end result can be big – or small 😉

In our meeting we talked a lot about nutrition. My GoodLife guy is really into nutrition so it was fun to “talk shop” with him. He commented on how defined and healthy I looked; specifically, the cuts in my arms and the glow of my skin. Thank you for noticing. Both he said, were attributed to good nutrition. With the right nutrients, our faces look bright and healthy (no more dark circles). And with a good diet low on processed foods, our bodies look lean and toned. How right he is.

The evaluation also revealed something unexpected. In observing my poorly performed squat, my GoodLife guy explained how my tight muscles are preventing me from bending properly. Aha! So I also need to work on stretching the muscles in my butt, hips, and back of the legs. Exciting work, I know.  Now back to the good stuff. Here are my results:

as at July 4, 2010


158lbs – down 4 pounds from April

Percentage of Fat:

53% – down 3.6 from April


37 inches – down .75 inches from April


36 inches – down 1.75 inches from April


39.5 – down 1.25 inches from April


20.75 inches – down .5 inches from April

Losing inches has been great as it means I can fit into some of my old tops and pants again. Hello favourite Twiggy jeans! Now I’m just hoping to wear the jeans without a muffin top come October. Wish me luck! Actually, wish me disciplined eating and good consistent work! 😉


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Progress Update: 9 months postpartum

Wow, I started writing this post 3 weeks ago! I’m just getting around to posting it now. Regrettably, it is sans photos for the moment as I haven’t even gotten around to buying new batteries for my camera. You’ll see I’m not joking when I say things have been busy.  Current pics and my 10 month update are soon to come. In the meantime, here’s how things have been going…

Busy, busy, busy! I’m busy. Baby is busy. Life is bustling. Hence just a short update this month. Momentum has been building slowly and now things are happening. I am working out, coaching four clients, working on business ideas, and anticipating the end of mat leave in just a few more months. And of course, baby is keeping me as busy as ever.


For someone who doesn’t yet crawl, this girl sure keeps me moving. At nine months, she is no longer content to lay down, sit or even stay in the same spot for more than 10 seconds. But rolling won’t take her everywhere she wants to go. As a result, I’m doing lots of propping, catching falls, and guarding of perimeters. It’s like playing defence in some sort of baby game.


This is definitely the best it has looked in nine months. I’m doing my contractions as active rest in my gym workouts. Happy to report that things are coming along. The size is diminishing. I attribute this largely to cleaner eating. Now I’ll just have to figure out how to deal with the ‘melting ice cream’ hang.


The Precor EFX and I have become good friends. We see each other three or four times a week. Our time together is short but meaningful. Quality over quantity as they say.

I’ve also got a good two day split going – upper body on day 1, lower body on day 2. The new Oxygen Magazine Glutes special has been a great guide for incorporating a more substantial glute workout on my lower body days. Now I just have to add a full core workout and I’ll have a well-rounded program.

Do you work your glutes or are they a forgotten body part?

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