Progress Update: 8 months postpartum

Life during the last few weeks could be titled “How Debbie Got Her Groove Back”. Or more accurately “Debbie Got Her Groove Back”. I say that because I’m not so sure how it happened. It’s actually taken me by surprise. At eight months postpartum, I feel I’ve not only turned a corner but crossed a bridge.


When baby girl was a newborn, I read a handy book that helped identify her personality type. According to “The Baby Whisperer”, she was a Textbook/Spirited baby. Oh, so true! Her growth seems pretty average but her personality is far from so. She is fun-loving, playful, vocal, assertive and at times rambunctious. It’s a joy (though sometime trying) to watch her discover her physical self. She’s not yet crawling but her days are filled with rolling, reaching, grabbing, throwing, pulling and pseudo walking.


Without much specific effort, I am seeing some improvement. Widthwise my belly is getting smaller. There is definitely less handle to love, LOL.  What I’m not loving is the size of my belly from front to back. Despite the know-how, I haven’t done much to strengthen my abdominal muscles. The weakened muscles are still causing my stomach to protrude forward in a loathsome way. As the rest of my body shapes up, I see my stomach area lagging behind. Or lagging forward as the case may be. I think the motivation to re-enter Ab Rehab is coming.

Abs relaxed

Abs contracted

Abs contracted


This is the most exciting of my news. I’m back, baby! I’m in the gym lifting real weights and I love it! Hubby’s change in work schedule has worked in my favour. I’m now able to workout in the late afternoon or evening as I prefer. Somehow I find it unnatural to lift weights in the morning. I’ve been hitting the gym about four times a week for light cardio and full body strength workouts. My husband sees me flexing and posing in the mirror and knows things have gotten serious, LOL.

My workouts are short but effective. Each day I do 15-20 minutes on the elliptical machine. Then for strength, I do one exercise for chest, back, quads, hamstrings, shoulders and arms. I superset two exercises and do three sets of each. I also make sure to vary the exercises between machines and free weights.

It took eight months to happen, but I’m really really in a groove. I don’t just see myself “getting back into shape after baby”. I see myself getting back to competition shape. This is just the beginning. I’m laying down the foundation by restoring my muscle strength and endurance. Then once baby is weaned, it’s on!!

What’s going on with you and baby at the 8 month mark?


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