Pay it Backward: A word of thanks to my readers

Paying it forward is a commendable practice. I most definitely support positive contributions to the karmic universe. I write this entry at the risk of disrupting that energy flow. Today I reflect on the people who have supported my journey. Today I take a moment to thank my readers.

A fit life is not an easy life. Nobody however fit, gets away from the ‘work’ in working out. Each workout is laborious. Most diets are met with sacrifice. Bodybuilding competition requires painstaking commitment. Out of habit runners can labour on the road to comeback.  Even trainers can feel tested on days when they’d rather lounge than lunge.

This postpartum journey is like nothing I could have imagined. My quest for post-baby fitness has been harder than I ever anticipated. After seven months I am still trying to navigate fluctuating nap times, feeding schedules and energy levels. I have felt the work.

For six months I’ve employed different workout strategies. There was:

  • the FitMom DVD. Boring.
  • the 3-day strength training splits at GoodLife. Who was I kidding?!
  • the Ab Rehab program. Um, yeah.
  • the GoodLife Yoga and Body Pump classes. Short-lived.
  • the spring runs in the ‘hood. Even shorter lived.
  • one spin class Just for fun.
  • the long city walking. Surprisingly effective and still in effect.
  • a trial Belly Bootcamp workout in the park. Not so pleasant in 30+ degree weather.
  • the nighttime full body gym workouts. My newest endeavour.

I haven’t exactly committed to a routine. I have however, committed to the overall goal. I’m determined to find my way back to a lean rock solid body. And you, dear reader, have been a big part of that.

I’m motivated by the desire to compete again. After only one show, I know the stage is a place I love like no other. Oil me up, pin that number on me and I’m ready to shine! But I realize now that my return is realistically at least a year away. That’s a long way away. So I have found other motivation to keep me going day by day. That’s where you come in.

In writing this blog, I’ve made a statement to the world. I’ve announced my goals out loud. Kinda like a Jonas brother making a public virginity promise, LOL. Now I’ve got something to prove. I’ve got a promise to live up to. And after hearing how I’ve inspired so many of you, I definitely want to make it across the finish line.

I may have given away my FitMom DVD. I may have abandoned lunchtime Body Pump classes. But trust me, I am dedicated to this goal. I’ll keep trying new tactics until I find something that works. In the meantime, this melange of exercise has not been in vain. Just wait ’till you read my 8 month progress update. I look forward to having a kick ass story at the end of this journey. Thanks for reading and keeping me honest.


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