Progress Update: 7 months postpartum

Time flies. It’s not a cliché. It’s the truth. I know this because I’ve caught myself stating so on more than one occasion now. Time also gives one new perspective. I am more relaxed than ever. I am more accepting than ever. Weight loss, trophies and a career will come. My daughter is here and now. I am enjoying this ride.

Enjoying the ride!


At seven months, she’s more active than ever. I’m loving it of course. She rolls back and forth like a pro moving willingly to her stomach these days. Tummy time is no longer an act of torture. I see the desire to crawl in her outstretched arms and bent leg. So exciting!

I’m particularly impressed with the dexterity of her feet. It’s amazing how she uses them to manipulate toys that have fallen out of arms reach. So what will it be for my little athlete? Soccer?…Kickboxing?…Floor gymnastics? Time will tell.


While the rest of the world celebrates Mother’s Day, we are happily celebrating Mother’s Month. There are shopping sprees, spa appointments, gifts, brunches and boxes of pastries. My husband seriously came home with two chocolate muffins, a brownie, a king size Kit Kat and a package of Reese Peanut Butter Cups – all in one day! He jokes about fattening me up so I can’t run away, LOL. I’ve declared a ban on sugary treats in our home for the rest of the month. Back to oatmeal, almond butter, spinach salads, baked fish and the like. The system works.

7 mths postpartum with stomach contracted

Take a close look at my latest belly pic and you’ll see a few things.

  • My abdomen appears to be leaner on one side. That might be my typical baby-holding side.
  • There is still a visible diastasis aka “hole” around my navel . Not surprising since I’ve been off the Ab Rehab wagon.
  • I’m wearing purple underwear tee hee


A month has passed since I’ve seen the inside of the gym. Told ya I relaxed. What I have seen is lots of grass and plenty of sidewalk. My neighbourhood walks, along with better nutrition, have proven effective. A pair of pre-prego brown cords tell me my waist and legs are leaner than ever. Yep, inching my way closer to those beloved Twiggys.

Now it’s time for my arms to get some attention. I’ve got an important christening coming up and a sleeveless dress to look great in. With two 10lb dumbbells and twenty pounds of baby at my disposal there are no excuses.

Really though, home workouts aren’t my preference. Luckily, there’s no shortage of workout options in this town. I’ve recently become acquainted with the owner of Fit Family. Through Fit Family, Dara offers Belly Bootcamp and Babies & Strollers classes. In fact, she is offering a free trial class this month. Also easy on the wallet is a free daytime trial offer from Flirty Girl Fitness throughout May. Yes, the pole dancing place. I’d love to get my stroller workout or flirt on! Then again, I could just get my butt back into the gym. I am paying for it after all.

Two more months ’til my next reassessment. No biggie. Everything’s cool. But yes, I will definitely be putting in some gym appearances real soon.

Babies & Strollers or Flirty Girl Fitness? Cast your vote. I’ll go and give you the report!



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3 responses to “Progress Update: 7 months postpartum

  1. Pauline

    Girl! Your belly’s lookin’ good!!! I love the update 🙂 Very positive!

  2. Wow! Really great progress!
    Love the purple undies too. hehe!
    As always, inspiring.

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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