Will Power: The strength of a mom

This entry, like most of my entries, is being composed at the end of the day. This day was an unusually trying one. I’m in front of the computer, finally eating dinner and asking myself where I found the strength.

How she looked. How I felt!

I woke up sore and tired after sharing my bed with the little one during the early morning hours. Then I faced the usual stream of soiled diapers. I sat patiently as she pushed spoonful after spoonful of cereal away. I rescheduled plans three times trying to work around her day.  I bore through the escalating teething cries. I took a deep breath after misplacing the Anbesol. A deep, deep breath. I gave into her need to be carried all day. I withstood the evening onset of cabin fever. I quietly wiped away the bedtime projectile spit up. I held my love tight until she fell asleep.

I had to muster all my strength today. As an athlete, I’ve mustered before hee hee, great word! I’ve pulled it together in the third set of a volleyball final. I’ve forced my lactic acid-filled legs through hill sprints. I’ve dug deep to workout on a 900 calorie/day competition diet. The strength I found today, is the same strength I’ve tapped into before.

Reflecting on the day led me to draw parallels between motherhood and fitness. I realize that the will I have as a mother is the same will I have as an athlete. It’s the same dedication and commitment to a goal that get me through the tough moments.

And that folks, led to this piece of brilliance. These are my thoughts on motherhood, well-being and will power:

  • If you can abstain from alcohol, you have the will to abstain from soft drinks
  • If you can change a dozen diapers a day, you have the will to drink one litre of water a day
  • If you can tolerate teething, you have the will to make it through a series of bootcamp workouts
  • If you can commit to breastfeeding for one year, you have the will to eat clean for three months
  • If you can stand by as baby “cries it out”, you have the will to do one more set of any exercise
  • If you can host a weekly playdate, you have the will to attend a weekly cardio class
  • If you can carry baby on a walk, you have the will to do full push-ups
  • If you can wake up for a 3am feeding, you have the will do wake up for a morning run
  • If you can withstand baby’s hair-pulling, you have the will to withstand the burn of a strength class
  • If you can haul a stroller on and off a bus, you have the will to do bicep curls and bent over rows
  • If you can survive labour, you have the will to accomplish anything you want!!!

There’s a quote I love. I wish I knew who said it. “The difference between the attainable and unattainable lies in a person’s determination”. So I ask you, ladies: Are you as determined to care for and nourish your body as you are your child’s?



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8 responses to “Will Power: The strength of a mom

  1. Hey Deb,

    Love your post. I think being an athlete calls for so much will power, discipline and determination. Doing Capoeira really brought out those very things I didn’t know I had in me.

    I’m trying to find that determination right now. After eating a horrible lunch, I’m off to cook a very healthy dinner! My goal for the morning is to wake-up early and do an exercise video. Mornings are tough though. I can’t seem to be up for my than 15 minutes, before I hear the pitter patter of those little feet, looking for Mommy. :-/

    I’ll give it a go and report back!


    • Debbie King

      In 15min you could do a decent leg workout. In 15min on another day, you could do chest and arm exercises. In 15min on a third day, you could do a heck of a core workout. Get my drift? And I bet your little one would love to join in with mommy 🙂 Maybe you could even jump rope or dance together. A few minutes of either will surely get your heart pumping.

  2. Pauline

    Fantastic post, Deb! It really resonates with me too. Lately my mothering duties have been really challenging. I feel like I’m failing at home-making! lol And to top it off, I’m feeling REALLY negative about my body. So, I have put into a motion a routine that I have wanted to make a regular part of my life: I run/walk (for now. soon only run hopefully) for 1/2 hour and do some weights every other day. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings I do Early Morning Yoga at 6:30 am. It’s tough. Getting up at 6:00 am. But it’s addictive. And as tough as it is to even run/walk, I keep telling myself, I can do it. Now I’m desperately trying to get over the hump of doing all these things yet not losing even ONE POUND. It’s definitely the very opposite of motivating. But, I’m a mom, I could do this….right? lol

    • Debbie King

      It takes 21 days of repeated action to form a new habit. Be strong. Stay committed for 3 weeks. That’s nothing compared to 40 weeks of pregnancy, right?! Stick to your plan and the change will come. Prove to yourself you can do it!!!

      • Pauline

        Lawd ‘ave mercy, girl! I am hanging on to your words. And frankly, pregnancy was easier than this: I could eat all the cake I wanted!! LOL!! No, but seriously, I’m getting back to you in 21 days. If my gut is still hanging over my jeans, you owe me a big fat pastry. I know, completely not logical, but what the hell! LOL!!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Debbie,
    This was a great post. It’s amazing how much mothers accomplish with little thanks or praise because we are ‘supposed’ to do it. If society valued and expected good self care as much as good mothering we mothers would all be so much healthier and happier!!!!

  4. I am going to copy, paste, print and hang this on my mirror (like those girls I make fun of) and read it whenever I wanna quit…cause lemme tell ya im a REALLY good quitter , and just do whenever I wanna give up. I did make it through labour and I will make it thru every agony that goes with motherhood (and every blessing). So why can’t I get up and take care of my body like I did when I was pregnant? I can. And I will! Thanks for the pep talk!!!!

    • Debbie King

      Oh wow! I’m smiling inside and out. I’m so glad you found inspiration in this.

      The printing and hanging does seem cheesy doesn’t it?! But it works. I have a few inspirational words and pics hanging myself 🙂

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