Progress Update: 6 months postpartum

Six months! Wow, there was a time when six months was almost unimaginable. April seemed like a far away oasis –  a clearing at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Now here I am. I’ve emerged. And OMG, I can’t freakin’ believe it. I think I’m actually getting my body back!


My daughter is as delightful as ever. Though you wouldn’t know it from this pic, LOL. I no longer think of her as the bundle of joy that destroyed by body. Said only partly in jest. That’s a hell of a mommy milestone, if you ask me.


I got off to a good start in March, but have since fallen off the Ab Rehab wagon. Sorry Samantha. I still believe in it. In fact, I saw a small improvement after only four weeks of the six week program. A section of my diastasis is measuring one finger width smaller than before. And get this – my lower back pain is GONE.

Here’s the thing. As with any exercise program, the key to success is to actually do the exercises. It only works if you do the work. Unfortunately, I struggle with at-home programs. I am motivated by workout environments e.g. gyms, spin studios, running trails.  But it’s not over ’til Aretha Franklin sings! I’m doing my best to wear the splint, squeeze in sets of 100s, and progress to headlifts. All this between fitness classes, playdates and every day life.

6 months pp

3 months pp

Despite my neglect, I’m really happy with how my tummy is looking. In addition to the Ab Rehab program, I think my increase in water and decrease in breads have made quite a difference. To be clear, I haven’t eliminated breads. That would not be advisable. I’ve just cut down. Like no more Nutella sandwiches at night. I know from history that bread really bloats my stomach. I see now that a lot of the roundness and puffiness I had was bloating. No more floating this bloat, LOL!


I recently wrote that ‘something’s gotta give’ (see April 5). Well it’s not just my eating habits that have changed. I re-evaluated and altered my workout program too. Since I’m only getting to the gym once or twice a week, it doesn’t make sense to keep training two body parts per workout. That type of split is appropriate when training three or more times a week.  Instead, I am attending weekly body pump and yoga classes which both offer a full body workout. This is a much more efficient use of time.

I’m feeling a little less obsessed with strength training these days. Just a little. I’m actually really enjoying my walks and my mini-runs (see April 11,”Running Errands”). I can’t tell you how good it feels to run again.

I guess I’m feeling a little less obsessed overall. I see that I am definitely making progress. And for the first time, I actually accept that this process will take time. I’ve let go of my superstar complex. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a superstar 🙂 But I’m also a new mom. This is a new journey for me and for my body. I still have goals. I will wear my pre-prego jeans and I will compete again. I just don’t have those dates circled on a mental calendar anymore. Acceptance is bliss.

BTW – That’s a pre-prego workout top in the pic below. Holla!

How easy/hard was it for you to accept your new pregnancy or post-pregnancy body?

GOOD TO KNOW: When time is limited, opt for a workout that increases your heart rate AND incorporates upper and lower body resistance training for a full body workout. Circuit-based programs like bootcamps are a great example.



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3 responses to “Progress Update: 6 months postpartum

  1. Pauline

    So inspirational, Debbie! I just love keeping up with your blog. Funny thing is that I feel like I’m becoming more and MORE obsessive as Marcus gets older. lol He just hit 19 months and I feel like my tummy is looking more pregnant than ever. So, in answer to your question, I think I’m finding it a bit hard to accept my body. I’m trying to keep up with my routine though. And, as per your advice, I think something’s gotta give. Maybe less sugar, bread. Something. Definitely gotta kick it up a notch. Anyway, keep posting! I love it!

    • Debbie King

      God love ya, Pauline. I think you’re my biggest fan.

      It’s been said that 80% of weight loss is diet. Less refined sugars is one big step. Do away with the pop, white breads, and go easy on the lattes and baked goods 🙂

      Hope you keep finding inspiration in my journey.

      PS – You in no way look preggers!

  2. Pauline

    You need to see my belly when I’m bending over. Naked. Well, actually, you probably don’t NEED to see it. Cause you might run in fright. lol But I am working on it!! I WILL be able to wear a bikini again. Even if I don’t really WANT to wear one. lol

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