Something’s Gotta Give!: Fitness assessment #2

“Something’s Gotta Give”. Good movie. Love Diane Keaton. What’s that got to do with today’s blog? Nothing, but the title works.

After my December fitness assessment, I reported on “The Good, The Bad and the Ugh!”. I’m happy to say there’s no “ugh” in this update. At six months postpartum, it’s all about “the good” and “the a’ight”.

The Good

Hitting the elliptical and pounding the pavement avec stroller have really paid off. My fitness level is much improved. It’s still not optimal, but the results of my cardio test are way better way better than three months ago. My resting heart rate dropped from 68 beats per minute to 61. A healthy average is 72 so this is a real high point. Hoo-hah! (That’s me doing Al Pacino )

The A’ight

My weight and body fat measurements come as no surprise, since I’ve been checking them periodically. There’s been no significant change over three months. But get this. I clearly see a change in the fit of my clothes not my favourite jeans, mind you, but other garments. To prove that I’m not delusional, Phil (my GoodLife guy) measured a  loss of  1 to 1- 1/2 inches from my chest, waist, hips and thighs.

The discrepancy is confusing. How could I lose inches without losing weight or body fat? Phil explained that there’s been no change in my body composition – body fat or lean muscle. This suggests that what I loss was actually fluids. I am probably retaining less water and am therefore slightly trimmer. Makes sense. Insert sullen expression of realization here.

Overall, the results are not bad. But boy, are they ever off from the reward goals I set for myself (see Feb. 9, “Lose Yourself”). I actually laughed out loud about this with Phil.  Those goals were totally arbitrary. I had no idea what was realistic for me in my postpartum state. I guess it’s fair to say losing seven inches off my waist was not! LOL.

While my reassessment results were not devastating, they did provide a reality check. If I want a more drastic change, something’s gotta give. Weight loss is a simple equation. It’s output versus input. One needs to burn more calories than one takes in.

Unfortunately, I don’t see my output changing any time soon. I simply don’t have the energy for more than two or three workouts a week. With the nice weather, I’ll certainly do more walking but that’s about it. That leaves me with input. It’s no coincidence that the two trainers I spoke with suggested the same thing. I need to assess the amount and quality of food I am eating.

Looking back, I see exactly what’s happened. During competition training, I maintained an ultra restrictive diet. When I became pregnant, I reintroduced foods I hadn’t eaten in months e.g. breads, dairy and processed foods. I wanted to be sure I had all the nutrients and fat needed in pregnancy and while nursing. In actuality, I probably took in more than I needed to e.g. ice cream, juices, granola bars. In hindsight, I think I would have been fine with a “clean” diet of lean proteins, complex carbs, fruits and veggies. In any case, I had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child so it’s all good.

I’m not necessarily eating badly these days, but I have admittedly reverted to some old habits that  don’t do me any good. So right then, on assessment day, I walked away from it all. So long mineral water. So long high carb intake. So long cafe cookies. A hazard of coffee shop mommy meetups. So long late-night snacks. Just  days after bidding farewell, my tummy is looking less round. Hoo-hah! Did I say that already?

I’ve switched gears. I’ve turned a new leaf. I’m Diane Keaten taking the scissors to the turtleneck! Things are gonna look different from here on out. Expect big time results from my July reassessment. And just maybe a pic of me in my Twiggy jeans!

What adjustments do you make when you’re looking for a change in your performance or weight loss?

GOOD TO KNOW: “Eating clean” is a term commonly used in fitness and bodybuilding circles. It refers primarily to eating whole foods that are free of man-made sugars, hydrogenated fats, trans-fats and other unnutritious ingredients. Tosca Reno is famous for her Eat-Clean Diet.



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4 responses to “Something’s Gotta Give!: Fitness assessment #2

  1. Congrats Deb!, For me the biggest thing is dairy. BB (before baby) and pregnancy I always tried to cut out cheese (well at least cut way back) but during pregnancy I ate more cheese to ensure I was getting a great supply of calcium. I must say it has now been a struggle to try to cut back again. I love cheese. As you say old habits are hard to break…

  2. Great read Deb 🙂 Now excuse my while I shove my mom’s easter cupcakes in my mouth! I’m going to have a healthy dinner right after. I’m not even kidding!

  3. Just thank God/dess that you came to this conclusion about a year sooner than I did! Loved this post!

  4. Pauline

    Great post, Deb! I have to say, I am really battling my body weight right now. Well, let’s just say that all the weight I don’t want is concentrated in one area only – my stomach! I feel like I’m pretty active, but somehow things are not changing. Your post did make me think about my INPUT though. And you know how I love my pastries! lol I have to admit, I’m feeling kind of sorry for myself right now. Kind of like a big baby: I want my pastries and a flat stomach too!!! :-((

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