The Works: BMs, exercise, fibre and stuff

It’s finally happened. I’m doing the inevitable. I’m speaking publicly about my child’s poo. To what do you owe this pleasure, you ask? You can thank my mommy friends for these inspired thoughts. Don’t worry. I promise not to gross you out.

So I guess it’s true. When gathered together, new moms do talk about baby poo. In our defence, we didn’t start out talking about bowel movements. We were actually comparing notes on the Jumperoo. You know, that delightful contraption by which babies to spring up and down like little kangaroos. And by which mom is able to grab a snack and catch up on emails. In comparing notes, my friends noticed a similar outcome. After a healthy jumping session, their babies seemed particularly ‘loose’.

I don’t have much experience with babies, but I’ve had my fair share of exercise. Research supports what every runner already knows. Exercise gets the system moving. Don’t believe me? Check out the Port-a-potty usage next time there’s a marathon in town! If it works for adults, I figure the same must hold true for our young ones. I assured my curious friends that the ‘increase in activity’ seemed a perfectly natural effect of, well, increase in activity.

We ourselves have not bought a Jumperoo. There’s no springing and bounding happening in my home. So what accounts for my daughter’s insane bowel movements? I’m talking three to five serious movements in various colours and consistencies each day. Is it her robust diet of breast milk and stage one cereals? Possible. Is it my healthy fibre-filled recipes? Probable.

I’ve been eating pretty well. I know I’m getting a ton of fibre, which is great for weight control. Because it’s so filling, it helps prevent overeating. Plus, most high-fibre foods are likely a healthy food choice overall. When was the last time you had a high fibre donut or onion ring? But could I be eating too much fibre? Hmm. How much is too much? I turned to my all-knowing friend, Sir. Google for the answer. Here’s what he said:

USDA recommendations for daily fiber intake:

  • 25 grams for women ages 19-50yrs.
  • 28 grams for pregnant women
  • 29 grams for nursing women

So I opened my kitchen cupboards and did the math. Turns out I’m consuming about 30-35 grams per day and sometimes over 40 grams. Holy crap! LOL. My key culprits are Fiber One cereal, oatmeal  you know I love my oatmeal, whole wheat bread, beans, lentils, sweet potatoes, and apples. Needless to say, I’m cutting down on the roughage and hopefully, the messy diaper changes.

Growing diaper budget aside, fibre and exercise are still our friends. Personally, I think exercise can be a saviour for new moms. Maybe once or twice a week is all you can do. Still, that’s once or twice a week of dedicated “me time”. You could find that a good walk, a good stretch or a good sweat help boost your mood, energy and self-esteem. And don’t forget the fibre. A healthy dose could keep you satiated until baby naps and you finally get another meal.

Pregnant? Fibre and exercise are as good a friend as Tums and a foot massage. The physiological changes of pregnancy can lead to constipation. A little ironic considering all that time spent in the bathroom, isn’t it? With your doctor’s okay, Belly Bootcamp and a side of beans could be the right prescription.

So there you have it. You survived the baby poo talk.  Hopefully I provided some useful information and few good laughs along the way. Think of me and chuckle next time you come across a Jumperpoo – I mean Jumperoo 🙂

Has this got you thinking about the smell in the gym bathroom, or your own awkward cubicle moments? LOL



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3 responses to “The Works: BMs, exercise, fibre and stuff

  1. Well, that’s it, any woman who can talk about poo is a friend of mine! Great post–all so true. I was sure my twins had some sort of allergy when they were babies due to the doo. But no, we’re just healthy eaters ’round here!

    • Debbie King

      Thanks for the assurance Kara. And thank you so much for the reply. I absolutely LOVE Mama Sweat.

      BTW – I’m gonna give “Run Like a Mother” a try. I may not finish by April 26th, but I hope to at least finish this year! 🙂

  2. hey debbie–just wanted to let you know I shipped your RLAM book today. it’s an easy read, so hopefully you’ll get through it sooner than later. congrats on your baby and figuring the whole fitness thing out…easier said than done.

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