Wear and Tear (Part 1 of 2): Dressing the postpartum body

My daughter may prove to be a stubborn little girl. If so, I’ll know exactly where she got it from. Look no further than her steadfast mother. Steadfast: fixed in direction; firm in purpose; unwavering. Yep, that’s me!

For months, I’ve been firm in my position. I’m not buying new jeans. I have an old pair of size ten Joe Fresh jeans that fit. I’ll wear those until my ‘real’ jeans fit again. Real meaning the smaller jeans I actually like and wore one year ago, versus two years and twenty pounds ago.

I’ll be back in my skinny jeans by summer. Why spend money on new jeans that I’ll only wear for a short while?  To save tears, that’s why! Hence the title, wear and tear. That’s tear as in cry.

“Just buy new jeans”, my husband says. He can’t understand why I torture myself each time I get dressed.

My breaking point came a couple weekends ago. I should have been beaming with anticipation. I was off to visit a very dear friend. She brings joy to my life with her friendship and awesome home-cooked dishes! Instead I left my apartment on the verge of tears. There’s no pretty way to say it. I felt like sh!t. I hated my cheap, waist-too-big, butt-sagging, dirty-hem, too-wide-to-tuck-into-boots-for-cute-downtown-look, sorry-a$$ jeans! Ahhhh…

That was Sunday. Monday was spent rationalizing the purchase. My husband was right. It was better to he happy in new jeans, whatever size, than be miserable until I reached some arbitrary goal. Duh! By Tuesday I did a total 180 and was determined to buy new jeans that day! I strolled into Shop Girls Gallery Boutique.

Friendly shopkeeper: “Hi, how’s it going?”

Steadfast shopper: “Good. I need Yoga Jeans”.

Friendly shopkeeper who sees a quick easy sale: “Great, what are we looking for?”

Steadfast shopper happy to give it to her: “Dark wash, high waist, boot cut.”

Done. One minute later I was in the fitting room. Fifteen minutes later I was the happy owner of nifty new bottoms. And that was that!

Now don’t mistake Yoga Jeans for Pajama Jeans. They are not the lazy woman’s answer to casual wear. My friends wouldn’t let me order Pajama Jeans. Good friends! Yoga Jeans are a Canadian-made stretchy jean perfect for curvy bodies. I seem to recall mention of vertical, horizontal and diagonal stretch for ultimate form-flattering hugs. Then again, I have mommy-brain so don’t quote me on that.

I scrutinized my selection ala Stacy London. High-rise waist versus mid-rise to cover my tummy. Boot cut versus straight leg to balance the thickness of my waist and thighs. Solid dark wash for a slimming effect. Back pocket detail to add shape to the butt. Gotta say, it’s the angle I like most.

The best part was stepping skeptically into a size  31. They fit! I honestly thought I’d need a 33 or 34. Thank you elastane! Hey, another reason to be “Ga Ga for Yoga”, LOL.

Now that I have trendy, butt-shaping, leg-hugging, Queen-West-strut-worthy denim, I can create some new yummy mummy outfits. I’m gonna bring my funky back! I have a shopping trip planned with Onika Blackman-Lloyd of So Damn Stylish. Onika is a super stylish new mom with a gift for thrift shopping. Together, we’ll source and report on fabulous finds that flatter the postpartum body.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Got a favourite form-flattering brand of denim? Do tell.



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4 responses to “Wear and Tear (Part 1 of 2): Dressing the postpartum body

  1. Better to buy the new jeans than drive yourself crazy for real! Glad you found ones that flatter you! My favourite jeans Mavi’s, they are a made in Turkey and they fit me awesomely!
    BTW are yoga jeans the same as jeggings?

    • Debbie King

      Wow Anika. Are you ten years younger than me or just more fashion forward? Oh wait, you’re in London. That must be it 🙂

      I had never heard of jeggings before. From what I can tell, they are different. My yoga jeans are basically just close-fitting jeans with lots of stretch. They are 97% cotton, 3% elastane. The jeggings I think are a more deliberate take on leggings with more lycra/nylon/etc. Some say they are not for every body. Some say they are great when preggers. Personally, I’m staying away.

      • Oh Jeggings….I must admit I like to rock a jegging or two from time to time. I probably shouldn’t but whatever 🙂

        I almost tried on a pair of yoga jeans the other day!! Look what you did Debi!! Now I have to go and buy some…I’m sending you the bill.

  2. Kelly Angus

    You have inspired me!! I have been saying that I’ll buy new jeans when the baby weight is gone. Hubby keeps telling me to just go buy new jeans. Am going to treat myself this week!

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