Progress Update: 5 months postpartum

If I say it, I may jinx it but here goes. Life is great! At five months postpartum, we’ve hit a turning point. Things are starting to shape up. Pun intended. For the moment, everything feels like less work and more fun.


What is it about five months? My daughter is more delightful than ever. Her awareness is greater. Her laugh is more pronounced. Her first attempts at independence are hilarious. Watching her shovel cereal into her mouth is awesome!

The best part is that we’re actually forming a routine. The highlight of the day are our afternoon jaunts around town. The outings made a world of difference for both our moods. Being able to predict her needs has definitely made me more confident taking her out. I was hesitant before. Now I can’t get enough neighbourhood walks, movies, lunches and play dates.


5 months postpartum profile

I’m all about Ab Rehab right now (see March 1,”ProRated”) I’m on week three of the six-week program and already seeing results. Upon contracting, I can see less of a “hole” around my belly button. Without contracting, my belly is still very round. I’m good at keeping it contracted so nobody’s asking “oh, how many months are you?”, LOL.

3 months postpartum (stomach contracted)

5 months postpartum (stomach contracted)

I have proof that my torso is smaller. Without thinking about it, I actually zipped up my cream biker jacket yesterday. The two sides of the zipper wouldn’t even meet months ago! With that success I tried for another – my awesome orange spring jacket. Nope, only the bottom button can be done. No problem, that will be the next mark of improvement.


I’m still holding at two gym days a week, on average. But all these new outings have meant a TON of walking i.e. more exercise. I’ve recorded seven gym days and nine long walks in the last month. Sweaty walks, not strolls. My weight still hasn’t changed but I know the work is adding up.

Working out with my new training partner has been great. We complement each other well. Neither of us talk during cardio, LOL. I never guessed I would look forward to the company.

I’ve kept my workouts fresh with: various interval programs on the cardio machines, new strength moves, and by adding yoga (see March 12, “Ga Ga for Yoga”).

My next fitness evaluation is a couple weeks away. To shock my body and rev up results, I’ll be doing some different workouts this month. I’m ready to try GoodLife’s body pump class. I’m also taking another stab at running. Only slightly masochistic.

Progress is still slow, but I’m feeling more confident than ever. Either that or I’m on a vitamin D high,  LOL. I’m really anxious to do my fitness evaluation. I hope the numbers will confirm what I see in the mirror and not on that lying scale.

How are things shaping up for you at the 5 month mark?


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