Wicked!: The positives of this postpartum life

Ever watch the news and feel the world is full of despair? Natural disasters, political turmoil, traffic accidents, health risks – sheesh! Upliftment comes in the form of one human interest story per night. Yes, we’re all glad Fluffy made it home safely. What a job those news anchors have. I’d hate to constantly convey such doom and gloom. Yet somehow I feel I’ve done just that.

Looking back at my posts, I’ve spent a great deal of time uncharacteristically bemoaning my post pregnant state. Baby weight, mummy tummy, workout withdrawal – there’s been a lot of lament. A Debbie Downer I am not! Enough counting inches, it’s time to count blessings.

As I mentioned last week, there are some wicked things happening in my postpartum fitness life (see Feb. 28, “Girl Interrupted”). Whether all, some, or none of them materialize, I am thankful for each opportunity. Check it out:

  • Applied for a health and wellness blog writing position
  • Invited to lead a spring running program for moms
  • Coordinated a workshop on core fitness for my new mommy friends
  • Secured a client for my exciting new fitness biz in development
  • Connected with an awesome potential biz partner. She’s brimming with the same ideas I have and more!
  • Approached by a fitness photographer to submit an article and photos to Oxygen and IFM when I’m back to pre-contest weight. Talk about incentive!


Personal interests aside, I’m enjoying many other aspects of postpartum life. If you’ve ever been pregnant, I suspect you’ll relate to at least a few.

  • Brie
  • Maternity leave
  • Wearing high heels
  • Sleeping on my stomach
  • Lacing up my own shoes
  • Close up front-to-front hugs with my hubby
  • My super duper awesome family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is that a knowing laugh I hear? Good. I’m happy, you’re laughing, and Fluffly got home safely. Life is wonderful!

I will continue to focus on my goals. I will not however, slip into six o’clock news mode. It’s not all bad. Quite the contrary. It’s all good. Better than good – wicked!

What do you love about postpartum life?


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  1. That’s it Deb focus on the positives…..accept the good!

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