Progress Update: 4 months postpartum

Wow, I’m the mother of a  four month old girl. I honestly never conceived this. Actually, I guess I did, LOL. What I mean is that I never envisioned life with an infant. Funny as it may sound, I only ever pictured the newborn  and  school-age stages.  I had no idea what to expect in between.

Life with my daughter is a trip. My daughter! Still sounds crazy to say. It’s as much fun as it is work. I suspect I’m still living in a semi sleep-deprived fog. Friends ask  if I feel like myself again. I’m not sure how to answer. I’m not sure who myself is exactly. Physically, my body feels like my own again. Other than that, the best I can say is that I feel like a different version of myself.  


All babies develop at their own pace. Ya ya ya, save it Dr. PC, M.D. This mama wants her baby to hit each milestone on schedule. Problem: My little one has hated tummy time since day one. She’s barely down for a minute before the inevitable crying begins. So how on Earth is she ever gonna roll over? Just when I accepted that it may not happen this month, her athleticism debuted. For her four month birthday, she gave me three front-to-back rolls. Woohoo, thata girl! I couldn’t be happier.


Hope is alive  and well!  The feelings of despair have passed. I finally believe my tummy can be flat again. Like really believe it. Yes, even I had moments of doubt.

4 months postpartum (stomach contracted)

3 months postpartum (stomach contracted)

I stopped doing ab exercises a few weeks ago. I decided to wait for more professional direction, given all the conflicting information I’d received about diastasis (See Dec. post “I’ve Come Undone”). In the meantime, my separation is down to just one finger width. Yay!

My core is slowly but surely feeling stronger. I no longer feel a black hole exists between my sternum and pelvis. Once my Be-Fit Mom Core Conditioning video arrives, I’ll happily be resuming core exercises.

Sensible eating, cardio and strength training are working wonderfully to reduce my waistline.  I’m not sure it shows well in these photos, but there is definitely a change. I love showing my husband how I can suck it in almost flat. Better still, I can just button my size 29 jeans which I couldn’t do last month.


It feels great to be back into a workout rhythm. And I feel good. My aches and pains (see Jan. post ” War Wounds”) are pretty much gone. I worked out two days each week in the past month. I was aiming for 3-4 but that’s life. I do what I can around parenting, ‘wifing’, appointments, and social engagements. That said, I’m eager to add a third day whenever I can in the month ahead.

My cardio sessions are longer (30 min. up from 20 min.) and I’m doing more interval training versus steady state. My strength training is slightly more challenging but still moderate overall.

My routine won’t change too much over the next month. I may switch up a few exercises but I’ll still stick to low-impact cardio, machines and free weights. There’s lots of time ahead to add body weight exercises, plyometrics, circuits, etc.

I see the outline of my quads, biceps and delts (legs, arms and shoulders) and I absolutely love it. Once all this milk-making fat is gone, the guns will be there ready to blaze!

I’ll be working out with a partner now. This is new for me. The opportunity fell into my lap so I’m trying it out. I’ll have to keep my competitive streak in check. Fellowship only goes so far 🙂

I’m hoping to finally see a change in weight next month. More importantly, I hope to continue shedding inches. Two more months and I think I can wear those 29 Twiggy’s without shame…and collect my reward. Fun! (see  Feb. post “Lose Yourself”).

Feeling pumped! Look out for my 5 month update in March.

Not all of us are gym rats. What’s your favourite way to keep active postpartum?



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3 responses to “Progress Update: 4 months postpartum

  1. Pauline

    Look at your stomach, Deb!! The difference is totally visible. Awesome!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting your stories. I enjoyed reading them. I am 4.5 months postpartum and STARTING to really hit the gym. You are an inspiration. You give me hope.
    Thank you!


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