Magic Moment: “I look like me!”

Excuse me while I digress somewhat from my usual posts. What a weekend! Great friends, great food and a wonderfully unexpected moment. Hubby and I were en route to an afternoon engagement party and I was feeling fine. I turned to him and said, “This is the first time I’ve been out and felt good about what I’m wearing.”

I didn’t realize it until I said it out loud but it was true. I was dressed like me. Not pregnant me. Not just-had-a-baby me. Just me. I felt comfy, cute and camouflaged where needed in my old clothes (i.e. no maternity wear). So of course I had to take a pic 🙂

Four months later and feeling fine

On a side note, I think my outfit would be “So Damn Stylish”-approved. This ensemble of thrift, bargain, and hand-made pieces from my closet totals $60 minus the boots. Not bad, huh Onika?



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5 responses to “Magic Moment: “I look like me!”

  1. Wow!
    You look awesome! You are proud & feel good and it really shows. I have managed to lose all my baby weight and then some (I delivered in Nov.) and I still don’t “look” good at least not to me. Probably because I don’t feel like the “hottie” (hehehe) I used to be. I felt very body confident before I became pregnant and especially during pregnancy and now, I don’t glow, my skin sucks, my hair is falling out and my tummy, although smaller then before, is flabby and feels weird-partially due to my c-section.
    Im starting to work out slowly, Im sooo tired from breast feeding and being a mommy, wife and doggie mom in general, but I hope it pumps up those endorphins and puts me in a happy place.
    Till then I’ll just keep trucking along!

    Congratulations again, you’re a good inspiration!

    • Debbie King

      Thanks for the reply and compliments Chrissy. I’m glad you’re finding inspiration in my adventures.

      Wow, you’ve lost all your baby weight already?! That’s awesome. I totally hear ya about the skin and hair. I loved, loved, loved my pregnancy glow and my hair grew like a weed. Now I have lackluster skin, hair and nails.

      I’m tired more often than not but find that having just a few workout days does help me feel better. It would be counterproductive if I pushed too hard. I think psychologically, just knowing I’m putting in the effort helps me feel better. Maybe you’ll find the same.

      Keep in touch. I’d love to hear how you’re doing in a couple months.


    I love that belt!

    To say “I know how you feel” about not feeling your best after pregnancy would be the understatement of the year. I think it’s ten times worse if you are someone who is used to feeling fit and is already more conscious of your body than some(like you and me) Anyway, I’m just starting to feel like myself after a year of um….feeling like a chubby milk factory 🙂 Of course they are SO worth it 🙂

  3. Lyris MacEachern

    Debbie you look amazing and you have the proud mom/pretty woman glow! I understand the feeling, I am at a slow progress in losing weight but now am more encouraged by reading your journals and acknowledging “hey I am not the only one”. I have started fitting in some of my old clothes again, Tight LOL but its a start and it is an amazing feeling to feel like “ME” again. Thanks for your postings, its very interesting and encouraging.

  4. Pauline

    Bringing the hotness!! Woot!! 🙂

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