Shuffling Along: Music to move to

I like music. I like the pump of a hip hop beat. I like a catchy pop melody. I like the energy of  house tracks. I like songs that make me feel alive, penetrate my soul, and persuade me to sing aloud despite being tone deaf. LOL. These are the songs that make up my workout playlist.

I need good music to work out but I am hardly a musicophile. According to the internet, that’s a word, I swear. I trained for a half-marathon listening to the same tracks for months! I have more CDs than MP3s.  I don’t surf for songs and post cool tunes on my Facebook page. I no longer recognize the names of chart-topping artists. Wow, I’m officially a 30-something mom. I have a short playlist on my Shuffle that’s in desperate need of refreshing. Help!

These are some artists and tunes currently getting play on my iPod. A few are remixed at 135bpm for maximum sweat output. You know, that infamous techo beat. Cheesy maybe but they get the job done.

  • Lady Gaga
  • Britney Spears
  • JT and Ciara: Love Sex Magic
  • Timbaland: Morning After Dark
  • Black Eyed Peas (esp. Boom Boom Pow)
  • Rihanna (esp. Disturbia)
  • Beyonce (esp.Ring the Alarm)

2008 Toronto Marathon

Last year’s overworked running playlist included:

  • Michael Jackson (Off the Wall and Thriller)
  • The Roots
  • N.E.R.D.
  • Mos Def
  • Talib Kweli
  • Justin, Justin and more Justin!

Please help me update my library with some serious body-pumping 2010 tracks or old school grooves. If you have suggestions for similar music, I wanna hear. If you’ve got recos with a totally different vibe, I need to know. I thank you. My ears, my feet and my butt thank you!



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4 responses to “Shuffling Along: Music to move to

  1. Amy

    It’s funny that my workout playlist is so different from what I usually listen to! I’m a big fan of searching a song I like, but then adding “club remix” or something like that to the search so to get that techno beat… That way, I still listen to my favorites, but they’re now workout-worthy! 🙂

  2. Debbie King

    So true. I actually have separate players for working out and for regular life. What’s on your workout list?

  3. Pauline

    Oh my!! The pressure is on! I want to come up with something really good! hee hee
    Your running playlist sounds like exactly the kind of stuff I would listen to, also! And I can’t get enough of Morning After Dark lately! lol
    I like Magic by Robin Thicke too.
    I have to admit, though, that I just love house music to get me going. I have a bunch of compilations that I was lucky enough to download.
    Also love the Southport Weekender compilations.
    Oh, try Cellphone’s Dead by Beck. It’s got a mean groove that gets me moving. (Did I just sound really cheesy? lol)
    Oh! And Brazilian beats. Although they can be a little too slow when you really want to pump it up. LOL!
    Ok – I wish I didn’t just eat breakfast cause I actually feel like going on the treadmill!!

    • Debbie King

      Thanks Pauline. All good stuff except I find them a bit slow. Not “in your face” enough. I think I’ll go old school and dig up some 90’s hip hop – Onyx, B.I.G., Keith Murray, L.L. – some hard beats and self-praising lyrics might do the trick!

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