She’s a Knockout:My favourite celebrity mom

Sure, there’s Halle, Gwen, Kate, Jessica, Heidi, Christina…the list goes on and on. All are beautiful women but none rank #1 on my list of favourite celebrity moms. The celeb mama who inspires me most does not shine on screen, top the pop charts or grace Paris runways. Still, she is highly successful, totally fit, and in my eyes, a picture of beauty. Have you guessed yet? One more clue. She’s a “knockout”.

It’s Laila Ali, boxing champ and mother of 1-year old Curtis Conway Jr.

I remember watching Laila co-host American Gladiators  a couple years ago. Of course I love that show. I swore she was pregnant but it was never mentioned.  If they were trying to hide it, their wardrobe selection sure failed. My suspicion was confirmed when I saw her featured, unmistakably pregnant, in an ad for Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch Marks. Yes, I use it. And yes, because of the ad.

I thought she was perfectly stunning. If I had an ideal for the beautifully fit pregnant body, this was it. Photoshop work aside.

Call me crazy but I feel like we are kindred spirits. Then again, I also think I could totally hang with Beyonce. I appreciate Laila’s confidence, humility, drive, charity, strength, beauty, competitive nature and athletic achievement. Plus we’re both December-born Capricorns. Can you say girl crush?!

As it turns out, I also respect her approach to parenting and to postnatal fitness. Laila does not employ a full-time nanny yet manages to make her workouts a priority.  She works out about five days a week but maintains, what I consider a  healthy attitude toward postpartum fitness. Committed to it but not stressed about it.

Laila is retired from the ring and now has a diverse range of career responsibilities. In each, she is a model and champion of health and fitness, especially for women and children. This is a path I also hope to walk, in my own way.

If I ever meet Laila, I think we should work out together while our kids have a play date 🙂

Humour me. We look like we can hang, right?



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5 responses to “She’s a Knockout:My favourite celebrity mom

  1. kirstenheyerdahl

    Whatever! Is she cool enough to hang with you?

  2. Pauline

    I absolutely LOVE the side by side photos!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! LOL! Debbie, you rock!

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