Progress Update: 3 months postpartum

There was a time when I couldn’t imagine making it to the 3 month mark. It was hard to see past the sleepless nights, the ’round the clock feedings and the inconsolable cries. Oh, those cries. It was also difficult to believe my body could ever morph back to its previous slender shape. Yet here we are. Naomi is growing up and my belly is going down. There is indeed light shining in this tunnel.


It seems like Naomi has grown overnight.  The newborn sleepers are a thing of the past. I’m guessing she weighs between 13 and 14 pounds now.

Within the last few days, her hand coordination has really improved. She will sometimes reach and grab an object with intention. I love watching her attempts to roll onto her side. It’s frustrating for her, amusing for me.

When the mood strikes, she’ll gab like a teenager. Of course it’s all babble but now and then I swear I hear “I’m hungry Mommy”. And yes, she can indeed sleep through the night. God bless her. The best part (besides those 7 hr sleeps) is that I’m feeling much more connected with her. She is becoming a little person.


It’s not as atrocious as it once was. How’s that for an opener? LOL. It’s a slow process but it is shrinking. I look at the patch of wrinkled skin centered across my abdomen and it’s crazy to think of how far it was stretched just 90 days ago.

When I’m not contracting my abs, it looks like I’m 3-4 months pregnant. When I flex my abs, my belly flattens substantially. Beautiful. There is hope. Some of my tops are fitting better, but I don’t dare try my jeans yet.

The only ab work I’m doing is pelvic contractions and isometric exercises like the standard plank. I’m still not doing crunches for fear that my separated muscles will not heal properly.


This is my second week back in the gym. I’m already feeling a bit stronger, tighter and healthier. It’s a great feeling. Plus, I love the 2 hour escape. My weight is unchanged at 160-something, which is fine for now.

I’ve had 7 workouts in 12 days. I do 20 minutes of cardio each workout day and strength training on a three day split:

  • chest & back
  • legs & shoulders
  • arms, butt & core

This workout split isn’t necessary but it works for me. It allows me to concentrate on rebuilding each muscle group, while keeping my workouts short and varied.  I think I can keep up 3-4 days a week over the next month.

I haven’t been running and I’m okay with that. I haven’t wanted to deal with the weather or the bobbing of my oversize boobs. The latter more so.

So that’s where I’m at right now. I hope to report a bit of weight loss, more toning and an increase in cardio training at the 4 month mark. Stay tuned.

How do/did you feel at 3 months? Is it all still new or are you into a groove?


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One response to “Progress Update: 3 months postpartum

  1. Hey Debbie,

    At 3 months I chopped my hair off. I felt like I was getting back to my “old self” in some ways. I still wasn’t accustomed to the bigger breasts but I was feeling good, going out for walks almost every day. I’m looking at a picture of our family right now, when Ione was 3 months. Good times. 🙂

    You look great!

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