I Get By With a Little Help: Support from friends & family

In the final weeks of pregnancy, I read and received a lot of advice about needing help during the first few weeks at home. ‘They’ were right. It was tremendously helpful to have friends and family by my side. Likewise, it’s been enormously helpful having friends and family supporting my postpartum fitness goals.

Whether it’s dinner time, workout time, or some time in between, everyone around me has been so supportive. Here’s how…

Getting Equipped. I don’t exactly like cardio. I tolerate it. I try not to let it get the better of me. I do whatever it takes to get through it. Music is a must. December came and I found myself with a new gym membership and a busted music player. No good. An MP3 player was at the top of Christmas list and I let it be known. Boy did I let it be known. I received not one digital player, but two!

Getting There. My husband is awesome. He works afternoons/evenings so he’s home on weekday mornings. This has allowed me to enjoy mid-morning workouts when gym traffic is low. Also without the worry or cost of childcare. Bonus. He never objects to waking up a bit early to be there for our little girl. Even better is that he gets special daddy-daughter time without me looking over his shoulder 🙂

Getting There Together. The ladies from my prenatal class are now my mommy group. They are a fairly active bunch of gals. We haven’t known each other very long. It’s awesome that we’re already sharing resources like word of a new yoga class, or exchange of workout videos.

Getting Fed. I’ve really appreciated the meals my friends have delivered. I’ve especially appreciated their healthy choices. Homemade turkey chili, yum! One friend was even so thoughtful as to offer two options – a terrific comfort meal of mac & cheese, or a healthy alternative. I chose healthy:-)

Getting Read. I love getting responses to my blog postings. In just a couple of weeks,  I’ve already received advice, empathy and several votes of confidence. Yay!

Getting Sexy Back. Those compliments sure do make a girl feel good! According to my husband, I’m looking pretty fit. Now he’s just going for hubby-of-the-year! According to friends who saw me compete, they’ll be seeing me on stage again. That’s the plan. I also hear that I’m quite inspiring. Cool, that motivates me to keep setting an example.

Thanks for the love everyone!!

Got a goal of your own? Make it known to those around you. You may be surprised by the  help you get.


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