Flexibility Training: Learning to go with the flow

There’s a saying I love: “We make plans and God laughs”. There should be another saying: “We make plans and baby spits up on them!”

As a new mom, I’ve quickly learned the importance of flexibility. I don’t mean stretching muscles – though that too, is important. I’m talking about the ability to accept disruption and adjust plans on the fly.

My plan for today was simple. I’d do a mid-morning workout at the gym and return home to take over parenting duties before hubby goes to work. What I didn’t plan for were the interruptions to last night’s sleep.

The little one woke up for an unusual 3am feeding followed by bed soaking. She was up again at 5am with a  soiled sleeper. Not long after sleepily changing diapers, sheets and clothes, the morning arrived. I was in no way rested and up for a workout. Back to bed I went. And so I missed that advantageous window of time when hubby is home to mind our child while I venture off to the gym carefree.

Had I made it to the gym, I would have worked biceps, triceps, core and butt – two to three exercises for each. No biggie. I just modified the routine and did it at home. Out came my exercise mat and baby’s bouncy chair. To my surprise, the ‘chair of neglect’ was transformed into the ‘chair of amusement”.

As I worked out, baby’s gaze was fixed on my dumbbells. Up, down, up down. She tuned into my voice as I counted each rep out loud. Eighteen, nineteen, aannd twenty. She even liked the Galaxie Urban Beat music that played in the background. Move ya body gyal. Shake ya body gyal. LOL. Her senses were delighted and so was I.

Although my initial plans were  thwarted, I was not bothered. I think I adapted pretty well. In case you’re curious, here’s what my modified workout looked like:

  • Dumbbell bicep curls super-setted with tricep dips (3 sets)
  • Outward donkey kicks super-setted with pelvic tilts (3 sets)
  • Upward donkey kicks super-setted with splinted abdominal crunches (3 sets)
  • Circular donkey kicks super-setted with a basic plank hold (3 sets)

Short but sweet!

What are your favourite exercises to do at home or with baby?


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