The Big Picture: Regaining perspective

It’s like I’d fallen under a spell.  For a little while there, I was totally consumed by the desire to reshape my body.

When I wasn’t feeding, changing or amusing my daughter, I was agonizing over every plumped up or stretched out body part. My spare moments were devoted to Google searches for comparative belly photos and miracle abdominal exercises.

Thankfully, that compulsion ended quickly. A couple online surf sessions revealed encouraging information and provided great motivation. I’ve since regained perspective and am focused on the bigger picture.

Encouraging Information:

I think it was a “postpartum fitness” search that led me to the BeFit-Mom website. There I found a few well-needed reminders. These are a few (paraphrased) points that I took away:

  • There are very good biological reasons why our bodies continue to store fat months after childbirth
  • There is a natural “transitional” phase that our bodies enter after childbirth (i.e. cosmetically and internally, we don’t jump from a pregnant to pre-pregnancy-like state)
  • Our extra pounds are not just fat. We have extra breast tissue, fluids and energy stores for milk production
  • At 2lbs/month weight-loss,  it can take 10-12 months to return to our previous weight
  • Weight loss often increases when menstruation resumes and when we stop breastfeeding

Most importantly, there is a very good reason we experience all of these changes. Mine is named Naomi and she is a blessing.

Inside Fitness Magazine

Great Motivation:

Okay so that was all the rational feel-good stuff above. The truth is that I’m also very achievement-driven. Surprise, surprise, I know.

When I saw that local fitness model, Lyzabeth Lopez made the January cover of Inside Fitness Magazine it totally charged me up (read: healthily green with envy. ha ha). Gracing a magazine cover has been, and still is, a long-term goal of mine.

I’m acquainted with Lyzabeth and know that she’s been in the fitness biz a long  time. She’s extremely enterprising and hardworking. I believe this is her first cover – a reminder that my goal is absolutely possible, but it’s not gonna happen tomorrow.  That’s okay. I’ve got time and I’m in for the long haul 🙂

Are you the mother of a child or toddler? If so, how long do you feel it took your body to transition?



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3 responses to “The Big Picture: Regaining perspective

  1. Pauline

    I admire your motivation, Debbie. Something I lack! As you know, I have a 4.5 year old and an almost 16 month old. I admit that I was not concerned with my body at all after Lily was born. And, I would say, after about a year my body started to return to normal. I stopped nursing at 13 months. And then I began to shrink! LOL! I think I ended up being smaller than I had ever been before, squeezing into size 0 jeans at one point! Then came Marcus and I admit that my body is far from my ideal. It’s been almost 16 months and he is addicted to the boob – can’t seem to stop nursing! So, my breasts are still bigger than I’d like. And then there’s my stomach. Eeek, is all I can say.
    I actually considered joining a gym yesterday! But then I remembered the treadmill we bought a month ago. What I lack right now (besides sleep) is motivation. And time. I am the proud owner of a million excuses though! hee hee
    Because I have never been involved in the fitness industry, I never really trust the “numbers” of healthy bodies. (But I guess I never really had to.) But, especially as a nursing mom, I feel like it’s helpful to be patient with yourself. Your body is working really hard right now to nourish you and your baby 🙂 It’s quite amazing, really!

    • Debbie King

      Thanks for the response Pauline. You are so right. What our bodies are doing is truly AMAZING. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that my breast milk alone has provided everything my daughter’s needed to grow and develop over 3 months and will continue to do so for months to come.

      Now onto your motivation. From what I know of you, you’ve never been a ‘gym person’. You are however, a very ‘out n about person’. I think you might find more success by incorporating physical activities into your daily life – long walks through the park, bicycle rides, ice skating with your daughter, an indoor rock climbing date with your hubby, etc.

      I also suggest you not allow yourself onto Facebook unless you’ve spent 20min. on the treadmill that day. LOL. But seriously, you’ve made the investment in the equipment. Now it’s time to invest in yourself. Go Pauline go!

  2. Pauline

    I love it!! Thanks Debbie!! Actually, I think your Facebook idea is brilliant. Talk about motivation! (Let’s not discuss how much free time I would have if I didn’t log onto FB at all….moving right along…) LOL!!

    Great blog, by the way!!

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