Misery Loves Retail Therapy: Shopping for workout wear

I was on the verge of tears. I had to get out. I pumped milk, put on makeup and hit the nearest Winners for some retail therapy!

I haven’t had many teary moments, but I was definitely feeling baby bluesy for a day or two. There was no one thing getting to me, but rather a culmination of common postpartum feelings: worn down by the endless feeding and changing cycle; frustrated by the list of want-to-dos I couldn’t get to; resentful of the inherent imbalance in parental responsibilities; tired of my appearance and neglected grooming; and of course, mournful of my body and desperately wanting a good long workout.

Joining a new gym tops my the list of “want-to-dos”. Wanting to look and feel good at the gym is also high on that list. I need not be decked out in Lululemon or designer sweats. I just need workout wear that fits and flatters. The cute crops I was wearing post-competition a year ago certainly won’t do. And unfortunately even the b-list items I wore while five months pregnant “aren’t tight, but aren’t right”. (ha ha ha)

Proudly, even in the midst of a minor breakdown, I am a sensible shopper. I bought four pieces and those four pieces I shall wear until I no longer have the stomach and thighs to hold them up! Two tops, one long yoga-style pant, one knee-length pant. Done. $90 spent. Oh, plus a new winter coat. I feel much better 🙂

Do you have a particular workout look? Does what you wear influence your workout?

GOOD TO KNOW: Winners sells many recognized athletic brands at discounted prices.


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