It's a Good Life: My early Christmas present

I got a GoodLife membership. Merry Christmas to me!

Every day I’d hear crying. It wasn’t just my two-month old Naomi crying. My body was crying too. Crying to push. Screaming to pull. Aching to sweat.  I’d been between gyms for awhile.  It was clearly time to find a new one. My most recent experiences were with small personal training studios – a luxury my new mat leave budget could not afford. So I started trolling the neighbourhood for a new spot.

My preference is for a modest-size gym with old-school but decent equipment, a few hard bodies to look at, the ever-so-slight smell of hard work in the air, and the definite sound of good beats in the background. I hate corporate gyms. I hate the shameless sales push. I hate the contracts and bank withdrawals. I hate the gym Barbies. I hate the new year resolution crowd. This is why I had avoided the nearby GoodLife like the plague.

Alas, the GL is 10 minutes from home, has all the equipment I need, is affordable and offers child-minding to boot! Alright, Ms. pretty corporate-uniformed saleslady, sign me up.

Have you experienced GoodLife Fitness? Let me know what you think of it.


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