I've Come Undone: Dealing with diastasis recti

I’ve come undone. No, it has nothing to do with baby blues. It’s my abs.

I’ve self-diagnosed myself with “Diastasis Recti” – Greek for “there’s more work ahead”. Sigh. Seriously though, I do believe I have a mild case of diastasis recti. Diastasi-what?? In non-medical lingo, it means the left and right sides of the abdominus recti (aka the abs) have literally separated,  leaving a gap down the mid line of the belly.

How did this happen? In a word – pregnancy. As my cute little Naomi was growing for 10 months, so was my uterus and as a result, so was the pressure on my abdominal wall.

It happens. It happens a lot actually. And when it does, extra care must be taken so as not to worsen the condition postpartum. The last thing I want is a permanent state of weakened abs, chronic lower back pain and a lasting tummy bulge. No way. Not gonna happen.

What I’ve learned so far is that gung-ho gals like me who have waged war on the baby belly shouldn’t attack with an insane number of crunches. No crunches! At least not right away. We can instead start with specific exercises that re-strengthen the transverse abs underneath. I’ve also come across talk of abdominal splints and tummy tucks. Oh my. I’ll start with the modified ab work and let you know how that goes.

How do you feel postpartum? Are you dealing with specific problems or areas of concern?



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2 responses to “I've Come Undone: Dealing with diastasis recti

  1. This is why I have that hernia issue. I have some strengthening to do, not just for appearances but to feel stronger.

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