Back on the Horse: My first post-pregnancy workout

So there I was following the FitMom Postnatal Workout DVD (thank you online shopping) in the comfort of my living room and my chocolate brown track pants.  It wasn’t the hardcore exercise that I so desperately craved after nearly four months of inactivity. It wasn’t a series of gut-wrenching weight lifting sets.  Nor was it a heart-pumping 10K run among the Running Room pack. Still, at 8 weeks post-pregnancy, it was great to do a workout, in whatever form.

I’ve never been into workout videos but this is admittedly a sensible and affordable solution –  for now. The circuit is easy to follow and covers all the major muscle groups. The basic moves help re-stabilize joints that are loosed by the pregnancy-induced hormone, relaxin.

I breezed through squat after squat after squat,  but was surprised to find the push-ups challenging. Weak pecs, biceps and triceps – when did that happen? Oh dear. I was also acutely aware of tenderness in my pubic bone, mild separation of my abdominal muscles and developing carpal soreness (all normal post-pregnancy occurances). The next day my quads and calves were pleasantly sore. Ahh, love that. I’m feeling focussed and seriously ready to blast this baby belly and get back into my jeans.

When did you resume your workouts? How did it feel?

GOOD TO KNOW: While opinions vary, most women are advised to wait at least 6 weeks before resuming exercise, and only with the okay from their practitioner.


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One response to “Back on the Horse: My first post-pregnancy workout

  1. Robyn

    I am also surprised at how difficult a push up has become! Where did my strength go??

    Great read, keep it up!

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